Balloon Decorations for Schools in Singapore

As a registered government vendors, That Balloons work with many schools by providing our balloon decorations service over the past few years. Whether it’s for a celebration party or a graduation ceremony, our balloon artists have never failed to amaze and impressed our clients.

Unlike others, we are able to include customised sculptures into our balloon decoration designs as well! Whether you like to have balloon flowers or animal sculptures, simply let us know the balloon sculptures you wish to have and we can construct into the balloon decor as requested!

Balloon Flowers Decorations (Stage Front)

Stage Front Flowers Balloon Decorations

Flowers Balloon Decorations

Flower Stage Front Balloon Decorations

Balloon Backdrop Decorations

Backdrop Balloon Decorations for School

Rainbow Pillars Balloon Decorations

Rainbow Pillars Balloon Decorations Gold Star on Rainbow Pillars Balloon Decorations

Helium Balloon Decor for School Helium Balloon Decor for School Singapore

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