Balloon Decoration Ideas

What are some of the balloon decoration ideas you can do for your party or event? Here in That Balloons, our balloon artist have done countless of balloon decorations for our client’s event. Below are some of the decorations that we have done that might give you some ideas of how to decorate your venue with balloons.

Customised Balloon Arch

We believe in simplicity when it comes to venue decorations. A balloon rainbow arch with balloon sunflower sculptures would brighten up your event venue and fits in perfectly.

Customised Balloon Columns

If you are planning a small scale event or the venue has got low ceiling, a pair of balloon columns to welcome your guest might just do the trick!

Customised Balloon for Karl Lagerfeld

Whether it’s for marketing purpose, to attract crowd at a booth or retail shop, or just a gift for your family or friends, a balloon display would best suits your need! You name it and we get it customised for you!

Customised Balloon Backdrop Display

Want something special for your stage backdrop or a photo booth backdrop? A balloon backdrop is something that you want to have at your event! We guaranteed that your guest can’t stop taking pictures of themselves with the customised balloon backdrop!

Helium Balloons

We don’t always recommend helium balloons for two reasons. Firstly, it can only last approximately 4 to 6 hours. Secondly, it is very expensive! However, we believe some balloons floating around at your venue would be nice too.

Balloon Tunnel by Kaden Tan

Having a balloon arch to welcome your guest is too common? How about a balloon tunnel? Walking through a tunnel made of balloons is a whole new experience for many people in SIngapore!

Christmas Balloon Decorations

The possibility of what we can do with balloons are endless! To view the gallery of our balloon decorations done by our balloon artists, click here.

How about telling us the balloon decoration ideas you have in mind for your venue decorations? Feel free to call or email our friendly sales assistant, Chinbee Aw, for any enquiries. Looking forward to make your event a memorable one! Thank you!