Make your child’s party SPECTACULAR this year with our creative balloon decoration for birthday party!

balloon arch for birthday party

This Month, our client requested to have a beach theme balloon arch for their child’s 10th Birthday Celebration. Hence, our professional balloon artists opt for the colours of both light and dark blue to represent the sea and white balloons to represent the sand on the shore.

The celebratory letters on the balloon arch is made up of sliver foil to make it stand out from the arch and the reflective nature of the sliver foil also makes the arch more visually appealing to the audience.

In addition, to fully immerse in the beach theme, our balloon artists also added safety ring as well as cute little ducklings on the side of the arch to enhance the whole appearance of the arch, making it looking fuller, chirpier and lively, ready for the celebration! ^_^

Balloon arch is a great way to SPICE UP things up, making it essential for event planners to have it for their event. Customise your arch to accommodate for your event, or even use it as an entrance arch to welcome and WOW your audience!

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