What makes a great art, great?

Singapore Balloon Artist

Learn how to spot great balloon art piece and understand what are you paying for. We have put together a few main characteristics of an artwork that can be easily distinguished as an outstanding piece!


Balloon Jellyfish Sculpture

Skillful techniques does not impress only the laymen, but also the artists who are in the same industry. Many great balloon artists used their unique technique to produce creative work and captured the hearts of many.


Customised Balloon Arch

You can assess the experience of a balloon artist by evaluating the creative concept he or she have proposed. Every balloon artists have their own unique style, thus every balloon concepts shouldn’t be comparative, but simply, relative to everyone’s taste and appreciation.


Valentine Day Balloons

A great piece of art has the ability to trigger the innermost raw emotion in one, allowing one to connect and relate to the artist’s intent of his/her work.

Novelty and customisation.

Balloon Photo Frame

This characteristic becomes a trend in the balloon industry as balloon artists are constantly challenging their limits and customising balloon sculptures for their clients. A skillful artist is able to create any balloon sculpture with their own imagination.

Creates and Recreates.

Customised Balloon Arch

Lastly, great balloon artists are not just adhering to requests and creating new balloon art, but instead, we constantly recreate the past artworks. Finding new ideas and ways to recreate balloon sculpture can inject life into a project.

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