Here in That Balloons, we are well known for providing customised creative balloon decoration’s services for our clients. Introducing one of our most popular balloon service, the balloon arch decoration.

Balloon arch decoration can be used for many purposes such as being an entrance arch welcoming your guest, a backdrop for guest to take photo with, a stage backdrop to fill up the empty space on stage or simply just a decorative item for display purpose only. Below are some example of what we did for our client last week:


Blue and Silver Spiral Balloon Arch for Bejeweled Nail Retail Shop. (Display Decoration)


Red, Blue and Yellow Spiral Balloon Arch for Petracarbon D&D event. (Stage Decoration)


Superhero Balloon Arch. (Booth Entrance Decoration)

balloon-superhero-arch-decorationSuperhero Balloon Arch for Mitsubishi Car Showroom. (Door Entrance)


Sunflowers & Stars Balloon Arch (Welcome Entrance)


Balloon Sunflowers.


Beach Theme Balloon Arch for Bidcorp corporate event. (Entrance to outdoor dining)


Balloon Underwater Arch for Serangoon Garden Country Club. (Stage Decoration)


Balloon Popcorn and Candy Arch for RQAM Family Day 2016. (Main door entrance)

To view our balloon decoration’s gallery, click here.

Leave your guest a memorable impression of your event with our balloon arch decoration today.


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