We are proud to be engaged by Mitsubishi for their Car Showroom Carnival Event this year for two days, mainly for balloon sculpting and an impressive balloon arch for the grand entrance of the guests.

sea creature balloon arch

The Sea Animals Balloon Arch is about 15 foot long and consists of many eye-catching sea animals which include seahorses, octopus, crabs, starfishes and fishes, making it insta-worthy for the event. Due to the height of the arch, it also makes it very visible for the guests to spot the entrance.

car show day 1

After entering, guests are greeted by the wide array of beautiful cars that are displayed at the showroom. Our professional balloon artist is stationed at the side of the showroom to sculpt cute little animals that will melt your hearts. Guests are able to bring home their own personalized balloon sculpture and use it as a centerpiece for the dining table or even keeping it as a cherished souvenir.

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Please do not hesitate to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, to find out more on how we can collaborate together to create a successful event.


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