Auspicious Balloon Firecrackers in Singapore

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Balloon Firecrackers

Environment Friendly Balloon Firecrackers

Setting off firecrackers is an indispensable and essential celebratory pastime to celebrate the arrival of Chinese New Year, ranging from big displays in major cities to millions of individual gatherings in rural regions. It’s a means to fight against evil and welcome the arrival of the new year.  However, due to safety concerns, our government has enforced Dangerous Fireworks Act to protect people from this dangerous activity.

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Balloon Firecrackers Popping Relay To Kick Off the Festivals

Balloon Firecracker is an updated version of the traditional firecrackers that have been deemed unfit and dangerous in Singapore.  Our auspicious balloon firecrackers are made to pop balloons and emit firecracker-like noises. The sound of firecrackers bring us back to the good old days and create strong festive ambience.

Our Balloon Firecrackers effect comes with the following items:

  • Auspicious CNY Balloon Firecracker Equipment
  • Inflating of 188 red balloons
  • Setting up with string for VIP to pull
  • Delivery and collection of equipment

= $688/-

Chinese New Year is around the corner, what are you waiting for? Quickly enquire with That Balloons to get more information about our auspicious balloon firecrackers to kick start the Year of Tiger, Rawr!

Besides, the balloon firecrackers can serve as an unique opening ceremony prop to add excitement to the celebration as well as a decoration to your event to hype up the festive season of Chinese New Year. We believe our balloon firecrackers surely help you host the best event possible.

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