Art of Balloon Dress

A movement working with the concept “Balloon Fashion”, which projects various aspects of art and designs, have captured the attention of many who values the art. A combination of 2 different forms of art, aspiring to establish a continuous exchange that reaches beyond cultures and connecting people from all over the world.

Guang Zhou balloon dress show

Main Balloon Artist: Jazz Ang

That Balloons is proud to be invited to a Balloon Exhibition in 2013 at Guang Zhou Museum, along with several amazing balloon artists from Singapore. Each balloon dress is made up with hundreds of balloons and it took our balloon artists several days of blowing up and twisting the balloons into shape. Each piece of balloon dress represents their labor of love, and the way each artist shows their passion through the artwork that they have created, allowing the audience to grasp and enjoy the art pieces to their heart’s content.

balloon dress

Done by Balloon Artist: Kaden Tan, Jazz Ang and Jocelyn Ng

Suitable for all ages, balloon dress provides a fun element to those who wears them, giving them a whole new experience.

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Guang Zhou Balloon Exhibition

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