Art of Balloon Decorations

Discover the art of balloon decorations done by our balloon artist in Singapore. Using a wide range of balloon combinations to meet client’s specific requirement, we are able to create various balloon sculptures at the highest quality possible.

Balloon Art

Crystal Balloon Flower – Designed and done by our artist, Kaden Tan.

There is a meaning hidden behind every balloon sculptures we made, and every placement of the balloons display. That is what makes us so different, the supremacy of pure artistic feeling.

Floating Balloons Helium Decorations

Helium Balloon Bouquet at Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore.

Balloon Caterpillar ColumnsCaterpillar Balloon Column at Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore

*ALL the pictures on this website are done by our balloon artists from That Balloons.*

Creative balloon decorations have never fail to impress our client’s guest at their event. Whether it’s a large-scale grand event or a small birthday party, decorating your event’s venue with balloons is one of the important factor in creating the right ambience for your guest. Get inspired by the balloon decorations we have done for our past client’s here.

Experience the true art of balloon decorations at your upcoming event.
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