We are going big… Really BIG! Reach out to your customers with our giant advertising lighted tripod balloon stand in Singapore today! With 3 different sizes available, place your logo on these lighted giant balloons and attract crowds to your event space! Our stand can stretch up to 3m tall, and it comes with extremely bright halogen lighting that will brighten up your event space! Below are the sizes of our balloons:

  • 1.2m balloon
  • 1.5m balloon
  • 2.0m balloon

Giant Advertising Tripod Balloon 1Our advertising balloon are both for sale and rental. Our rates include delivery, set up, 2 sided complimentary vinyl sticker print, lighting (choice of extremely bright halogen light or LED lights), stand cover, dismantle and collection of equipment.

For purchasing of our lighted tripod balloons, you can also choose to have a digital printed logo on the balloon! Price for the lighted balloon stand includes delivery, set up, explanation of handling and maintaining of balloon, 2 sided complimentary vinyl sticker prints and a one month warranty of the balloon.

Lighted Advertising balloon stand SingaporeServing two purpose as one, our light tripod balloon stand not only serve as a advertisement display, but also a decorative item that can brighten up your event space!

Advertising Tripod Balloon Stand

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