Advertising Balloons for Kimly Singapore

That Balloons is proud to support Kimly for their now coffee shop opening at Bukit Batok Singapore! Our giant advertising tripod balloon stand and advertising helium balloons have attracted hundreds of passerby to notice the new coffee shop! Here’s how the balloons look like:

Giant Lighted Tripod Balloon

With 3 different sizes to choose from, our giant lighted tripod balloon is a “MUST HAVE” when it comes to reaching out to mass audience! It has been around since 2000, which has always been an effective way to attract people’s attention from afar!

Singapore Lighted Tripod Balloon Rental Lighted Tripod Balloon Stand for KimlyAdvertising Helium Balloons

Print your branding on our advertising helium balloons that can be use as a decorative purpose, or give it out to the public and let them do the advertisement for you!

Are you looking for an effective advertising method with balloons? Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out more how we can help create awareness with our advertising balloons!

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