Advertise Your Event With Our Lighted Tripod Balloon Today !

Want your event to stand out to the public? Have always wondered how you can draw more attention to your business?

Introducing to you our lighted tripod balloons that will definitely attract everyone and anyone into knowing your event/business! It catches the eye of every passerby who walks past and has been a successful attempt of many businesses.

What is a lighted tripod balloon? 

Giant Lighted Balloon Stand Singapore Lighted Tripod Balloon Stand Singapore 2

Giant Advertising Balloon Vendor

A lighted tripod balloon is a huge balloon supported by a strong metal tripod stand that is secured on a 50kg weighty metal base plate. With a balloon this huge, no one will ever miss it.

Not only do we provide you with customized Vinyl Stickers placed on the balloon, but we also have two types of tripod balloon lighting for you to choose from to have the perfect event!

We have : Lighted Tripod Balloon Stand SIngapore

LED Light that changes colour to your likings and preferences with just a remote control!

Lighted Balloon Signage Rental SIngapore
Halogen Light that has the ability to operate even at a high temperature. The reason is that halogen light bulbs actually have higher colour temperatures and produces brighter warm light as compared to LED light bulbs.

Want to have it for your product or campaign launch? Or for your BIG Day such as your wedding? For your event or shop opening? We have it all covered for you at a cheap and affordable rate!

Save your worries and leave it to us!

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