Other than providing balloon services, ThatBalloons also provides highly affordable Inflatable bouncy castles and equipments to cater to your party needs. Bouncy castles are a sure fire way to inject fun and entertainment for children at any event, or even at birthday parties to make them have a great time!

Sports Inflatables Rental

We provide a wide range of inflatable for you to choose from, which includes bouncy castles, water sports inflatables, spectacular balloon effects and many more! Feel free to contact us to get the full list of the inflatables we have in stock for you.


Unable to find the inflatable that you are looking for? Fret not!

We are also able to customise our inflatable tentage according to your event needs with just a small amount of additional charge. Just let us know your preferred designs and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Feeling hyped up to rent our inflatables? Contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw now!

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