Helium Balloons Decoration Service

Create an unforgettable experience with our helium balloons decoration service!

Our balloon artists have done more than 100 helium balloons delivery and decoration for parties and events in Singapore! With over 10 years of experience in the balloon industry, contact our friendly sales assistant to find out more about how our balloon artists are able to create to best balloon experience for your event today!Below are some of the event we have done for private functions last month!

Underwater helium balloon decorations for Garena office!

Wedding balloon couple display and helium balloon bundles for a private wedding event!

To book, simply send us the following details:

Special Request:

I would like to check your availability for the above. Thank you.

Email sg.balloons@gmail.com or Text/Whatsapp Chinbee @ 8157 7331.


Helium Tank Rental in Singapore

Helium Tank Rental is now available in Singapore!

Here in THAT Balloons, we aims to provide the most affordable price while maintaining our quality and services for our clients. We are offering $10 island wide helium tank delivery service in Singapore!

Helium Tank Rental Promotion Singapore

What makes our helium tank rental different is that we use only pure helium! In another words, our helium balloons are able to last longer in the air.

Outdoor: approximately 4 to 6 hours
Indoor: approximately 10 to 12 hours

Our helium tanks come in 3 different sizes below:

Small tank – $80 (approximately 60 pieces)
Medium tank – $99 (approximately 110 pieces)
Large tank – $210 (approximately 400 pieces)

Delivery & collection fee = $10/- (Islandwide Singapore)

Now you can decorate your event venue with helium balloons by yourself!

All Helium Balloon Decoration’s photos above are done by our professional balloon artist.

If you prefer to get a hassle-free balloon service, you can order our helium balloons delivery or get our balloon artist to decorate your event venue with helium balloons directly from us as well. For more information about our helium balloons delivery and helium balloon decorations, click here.

Happiness is… seeing a room filled with balloons 🙂


Helium Balloons Decoration

Helium Balloons Decoration has been around for many years and our balloon artist has done a wonderful job at many events in Singapore. Below are a few helium balloonsdecoration done by our professional balloon artist.

Helium Balloon Delivery Singapore

Here in That Balloons, be assured that we use only good quality balloons for your events. Unlike many, we use 100% pure helium for every job. Which also means your helium balloon will last longer.

Balloon Decorations for Kids Party

  • Indoor (with air-con): Approx 8-10 hours
  • Outdoor (no air-con): Approx 4-6 hours

Helium Balloons birthday party singaporeHelium Balloons Delivery

Latex Round helium balloon: 1.50/pcs
(Delivery $25/-)

Helium Tank for Rent

Small tank – $80 (approx 60pcs)
Medium tank – $99 (approx 110pcs)
Large tank – $210 (approx 400pcs)

Delivery & collection fee = $10/- (Islandwide Singapore)

Helium Balloon Decorations:

300/- onwards depending on designs.

Helium Balloon Backdrop

For more information about our helium balloons, click here.


$99 Birthday Party Decorations

THAT Balloons would like to introduce our $99 Balloon Decoration Promo for birthday party in Singapore!

Colourful Floating Balloons

Below are the decorations item you will get for just $99!

  1. 50 pieces of Helium Balloons
  2. 20 Round Balloons (scatter on the floor)
  3. Balloon Delivery
  4. Choose from any colours of your choice
  5. Helium are inflated on the spot for longer lasting floating balloons.
  6. All Balloons are high quality “helium grade” & biodegradable american balloons.
  7. Time: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm

Additional Balloon Service:

  • Balloon Bundles (additional $10/bundle)
  • Polka Dot/heart shape Balloons additional $1/pc

To get the finest party balloon decorations effect, you need both high and low layers of balloons. This balloon decoration’s package is specially designed to suits the basic needs for every birthday party in Singapore!

Helium Balloons Delivery Singapore

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