Balloon Special Effect for Concert Opening

That Balloons is proud to open the show with our Diamond Balloons for YMCA at SOTA Concert Hall. Our Diamond Balloons serve as both special effect a side backdrop for the event. Below is a video of the rehearsal:

Design and done by Singapore Balloon Artist, Kaden Tan.

Guest of Honour: Singapore President, Tony Tan.

We have done many other special effects with balloons such as balloon release and product launch. Our balloon artists are excited to create new ideas of special effects with balloons and confetti! Contact us to find out more how we can help launch a product or open a show with balloons today!

To book, simply send us the following details:

Special Request:

I would like to check your availability for the above. Thank you.

Email or Text/Whatsapp Chinbee @ 8157 7331.


Balloons Release Drop in Singapore

As a leading balloon company in Singapore, we have provided balloon release for various events in Singapore. If you want to create a special effect for your upcoming event, balloon release is one of the best idea you want to propose to your client!
Balloon Release Drop

Please note that we do not provide any scissors lift and we do not have the license to operate. External contractor is to be engaged to operate scissors lift if your venue requires.

Balloon Release SingaporeWe did a balloon release test at NUS and this is how it looks like.

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