Simple Balloon Decoration

Simple Balloon Decoration is a cheap and great way to welcome your guest for your event! If you are looking for ways to enhance your party or event atmosphere with a tight budget, these simple balloon decoration will do the job!
Below are some simple balloon decoration ideas:

  • Spiral Balloon Arch (with your company/event colours)
  • Rainbow Balloon Arch (especially for family or children’s event)
  • Star Balloon Columns
  • Customised foil balloon letters on balloons

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Balloon Decor

Here in That Balloons, we have done over 400 decor for parties and events in Singapore and a few overseas events. With a wide knowledge of venue decorations, our artists are able to propose to you the best balloon decoration’s design for your event venue!

Below are some of balloon decor we have done recently:

Venue Decoration at Raffles Hospital.

Helium Balloon Bundles Decor.

Customised balloon arch has been one of our most popular demand. From customised theme to adding company name/event name, we can do it all! Impress your guest with our  customised balloon arch today!

Customised Balloon Arch for Systane.Customised Balloon Arch for Lumileds.

Customised Balloon Arch for ST Engineering.
Customised Balloon Arch for a private 21st birthday party.

Customised Sports Theme Balloon Arch.

Our team has also done various standard balloon decorations for corporate event as well.

Balloon Arch and Backdrop for ICAP.

Balloon Pillars for Lumileds.

Star Balloon Pillars.Note: All the balloon decorations above are done by our balloon artists in Singapore.

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Singapore Professional Balloon Decorations

Here in That Balloons, we are well-known for customising professional balloon decorations  for our client’s event. Our professional balloon decoration’s service has never failed to impress guest, or even professional balloon artist in Singapore!

Be inspired.


Below are some recent events our artists have done!

Customised Balloon Arch for New Creation Church at The Star Vista.


Giant Balloon Grape Sculptures for New Creation Church at The Star Vista.


Customised Gold Letters on Large Balloon Arch


Heart Shape Balloon Pillars at Bugis Plus.balloon-underwater-arch-singapore

Underwater theme Balloon Arch at National Arts Council.


Helium Balloon Bundle at One Shenton Condo.


Balloon Wedding Couple Sculpture at Hort Park.


Wedding Helium Balloon Decorations.


Balloon LOVE Letters Photo Area.

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Customised Balloon Columns

As professional balloon artist, we provide customised balloon columns for our client. From choosing the colours to the overall design, our customisation service has no limit! Below are some of the customised balloon columns we did for our client the last few days:


Star Balloon Columns – Golden Yellow & Midnight Blue.


Rainbow Star Balloon Columns.


Grand Star Cloumns – Gold, Black, Silver.


Grand Star Columns at LTA.


Bejeweled Customised Balloon Nail Polish Balloon Column.



Nail Polish Balloon Sculpture.


Balloon Traffic Light Columns for a Birthday Party.

There are no limits on the balloon designs that our artist can create. With more than 10 Singapore professional balloon artist on our team, you can be assured that our balloons art are one of the best in Singapore, or even around the world.


Rainbow Balloon Columns

We are once again engaged by New Creation Church to create Rainbow Balloon Columns in Singapore Expo.
Star Rainbow Balloon Pillars Singapore

Rainbow columns are great for kids’ events as it brighten up the event venue and attracts passerby to take a photo with it.

Balloon Columns for event Singapore

Rainbow balloon columns are also available as a complimentary in our birthday party package as well! Click here to find out more about our birthday party package.

Balloon Pillars for event SingaporeWe are also having a promotion of $79/- for each 2m tall balloon rainbow column! (min of 2x columns) Promotions end on 31st July 2016.

To view our balloon columns gallery, click here.


Balloon Decorations for Children Day

That Balloons is proud to be working with New Creation Church again for their children day event celebration! This year, we have done a few of our popular safari balloon designs and a few unique balloon animal designs that aims to inspire every children’s imagination through our balloon creations.New Creation Church Children DayBalloon Animal Arch done by our balloon artist, Zhong Yu and Woon Yuan.
Design inspired by Lily Tan.

Balloon giraffe, balloon monkeys, balloon sheep and balloon trees. Located at both Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Convention Centre and The Star Vista.

Balloon Safari Arch

Balloon Animal Arch done by our balloon artist, Jasmin Chua.
Design inspired by Lily Tan.

When it comes to balloons, it has never fail to excites both children and adults at any carnival or events in Singapore. Below are some of our balloon artist’s work display at MBS Convention Centre.

Balloon Animal ColumnsBalloon Animal Arch by our balloon artist, Kaden Tan.
Done by Kaden Tan, William Ang, Chinbee Aw and Bella Chua.

Balloon Animals ColumnsBalloon Animal Columns designed by our balloon artist, Kaden Tan.
Done by Kaden Tan, William Ang, Chinbee Aw and Bella Chua.

Discover the art of balloon decorations at our balloon gallery here.


Balloon Column Designs

Every customised balloon columns designed and hand crafted by our balloon artists are the signature balloon decoration’s items from That Balloons.
Flower Balloon Pillars

Our custom design balloon column is a combination of various qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. A true beauty for the ones who appreciate the art of balloon decorations.

Balloon Fruits and Caterpillar

Explore our unique balloon columns and balloon pillars designs here.

Hire Singapore professional balloon artist at That Balloons today. Contact us here.

Balloon Arch and Columns

Balloon Arch and Balloon Columns are both the most popular requests when it comes to balloon decorations in Singapore. Here in That Balloons, we don’t just let our clients choose the colours, we customise the decorations according to the designs they prefer.

Balloon Castle Singapore

Balloon Castle theme arch and columns done our balloon artist, by Glen Peh.

We have done balloon decorations at Marina Bay Sands and The Star Vista for New Creation Church. Also, we have received an overwhelming number of balloon decorations services this month! Below are some of the balloon decorations done by Singapore balloon artists, Glen Peh, Chinbee Aw, Jazz Ang, Jocelyn Ng and Zhong Yu.

We believe that balloons can brighten up the overall appeal of the event and inject a tinge of happiness and life in every photo.

Jocelyn and Chinbee Balloons

 Balloon Artist, Jocelyn Ng and Chinbee Aw.

Feel free to contact us for more information about how we can create a magical effect with balloons at your event today!

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Singapore Balloon Art

Our balloon artist’s artwork are based on two elements,
Perception and Quality.

Our balloon decorations have fascinated many people through the intricacy of precise detail that suggest great quality of an artist’s creativity, respect and discipline towards the arts.

Balloon Monkeys on Tree Display

Balloon Tree Columns design by Kaden Tan. Done by Kaden Tan and Norman Tan.Balloon sea creatures columns


Balloon Sea Creatures Columns design by Kaden Tan. Done by Kaden Tan and William Ang.

Our artwork consists of searching the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence by interacting with people and objects. Our artist are constantly looking toward achieving essential harmony with their surroundings, bringing beauty into the picture.

We believe our clients got the best taste, and many times our inspiration lies in their imagination and the limitation we have to execute the artwork.

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