Giant Inflatable Advertising Balloons

That Balloons would like to introduce our new giant inflatable advertising balloons in Singapore! Think big… think really big! These are giant inflatable balloon made from high quality PVC materials that catch the attention of every passerby with the bright LED light!

Our giant inflatable advertising balloons are available in 2 forms, Balloon Light Stand and Floating Helium Balloon. Below is an example of how a 1.5 diameter balloon light stand looks like:

There are many ways you can utilise a balloon light stand for your event. Some use it as a direction signage to show their guest the way, some use it to attract crowd placing it at the entrance of their event, or some just use it as a decorative item for their event. These giant balloons are suitable for roadshow, gallery, trade fairs, night fairs, carnivals and many other events that’s happening during the night!

Imagine being greeted by 2 giant balloons while walking towards an event!

Our giant inflatable floating helium balloon is also available as well! However, we are afraid that currently our giant helium balloon can only be placed indoor only. Nonetheless, you can be assured that these giant balloons are definitely safe!

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Inflatable Advertising Balloon

Advertise your company with That Balloons’ inflatable!

That Balloons, a balloon specialist company also offer rental for a range of inflatables, mainly ranging from inflatable bouncy castles to inflatable advertising balloon. Inflatable advertising balloon served as a purpose for advertising as well as an attraction for kids and adults!

Advertising Balloon 5

Our inflatable advertising balloon is made of top quality materials to ensure that our clients are satisfied at all times! Inflatable advertising balloons are popular for showrooms, concerts, events, as well as big parties. Below are some of other inflatables that are available for rent!

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