Balloon Backdrop Decorations

Every artwork done by our balloon artist is a precise art.

There is nothing more impressive than having great balloon sculptures displayed outside your event venue to complete your whole outlook of your event.

Balloon Backdrop deco Singapore

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by our balloon artist, Chin Bee.

Balloon Carriage Sculpture

Carriage Balloon Arch done by our balloon artist, Chin Bee.
Girls Birthday Party Decoration

 Birthday Backdrop Decorations done by our balloon artist, Zhong Yu.
Rainbow Balloon Column Pillar

Balloon Rainbow Columns designed and done by our balloon artist, Chin Bee Aw.
Balloon Decor Singapore

Thank you for the impressive balloon backdrops and sculptures! – Ambrose (Client of That Balloons)

Our balloon artists have done balloon backdrop decorations for various events and occasions in Singapore. Get inspired by our artist’s balloon art below.

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Wedding Balloon Decorations in Singapore

Make your dreams come true.
Wedding Rainbow Balloon Arch

Our balloon artist have done balloon decorations for many wedding events over the past few years. Depending on our client’s needs, we below are some of the balloon decoration’s item that we have done recently for wedding events in Singapore!

Wedding Balloon Couple Sculpture

Wedding Balloon Couple.

Designed and done by our balloon artist, Zhong Yu.

Balloon Wedding Couple Sculpture Singapore

Wedding balloon couple on columns.

Designed and done by our balloon artist, Zhong Yu.

Rainbow Arch Balloon Deco

Rainbow Arch with wedding couple.

Designed and done by our balloon artist, Zhong Yu.

Rainbow Wedding Balloon Decoration

Rainbow Arch with wedding couple balloon sculpture.

Designed and done by our balloon artist, Kaden Tan.

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Make your wedding perfect.


Customised Balloon Sculpture Display

More than just balloons…Prawning Farm opening Balloons

Last month, we received an order from Japan last month that needed to deliver a customised balloon sculpture at a new prawn farm in Singapore.

Life Size Balloon Boy Sculpture

Balloon Boy and balloon boy sculpture done by our professional balloon artist, Ouji.

That Balloons is honoured to receive every client’s customized balloon orders, sending precious thoughts to their loved ones.

Balloon Boy and Prawn Sculpture


Balloon Decorations for Birthday Party

Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon – Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the pooh balloon sculpture

Balloon decorations for birthday party has been one of the most popular request over the past few years. Much more than just entertaining the children with balloons, it surprise your guest by having a customised balloon display at your event as well.

Balloon Underwater Backdrop

Balloon Underwater backdrop display design and done by Jazz Ang.

Balloon Rainbow Columns

Balloon Rainbow Columns designed and done by Chinbee Aw.

Balloon Chicken and Cow Animal

Balloon Animal Columns done by Zhong Yu.

Every children love to have something special at their birthday party! Get inspired by our balloon decorations done by professional balloon artist in Singapore.

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Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations

As the year-end is approaching, our balloon artists are preparing for all the upcoming events that are happening in Singapore! From birthday parties to large scale events, we are ready to present our best artwork to you!

Customised Balloon Arch

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Lily Tan.

What makes our balloon artist’s balloon decorations different are the distinctive details added to an everyday classic. Our remarkable balloon decoration’s concept are different in many ways. Our balloon artists improve their techniques and equipment used for events over the years so as to be of international standard in balloon art.

Customised Balloon Backdrop Display

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Kaden Tan.

Through working with many international award winning balloon artists, our clients have trusted us with our balloon decoration’s designs as we ensure the artwork to be unique and memorable at every events!

Stage Balloon Decorations

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Jazz Ang.

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Grand Balloon Backdrop

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Kaden Tan.

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Grand Balloon Decorations

Create an outstanding event with our grand balloon decoration’s service in Singapore.

Star Balloon Columns

We have done countless of grand balloon decorations for private event such as birthday parties to bigger events such as Weddings, Corporate functions, Club Events, Dinner & Dance Events and many more.

Discover various ideas of our grand balloon decorations here at That Balloons. Our balloon artist uses different materials, frames and lights to create a unique effects that enhance the experience of the decorations.

Discover our balloon decoration’s collections below.


Photo Booth Balloon Backdrop

Tired of having just a piece of plain cloth as a photo booth backdrop at your event? Ever want to have something special to wow your guest?

That Balloon introduce our Customised Photo Booth Balloon Backdrop Decorations!

Grand Balloon Backdrop Photobooth

Grand Photo Booth Balloon Backdrop designed by our balloon artist, Kaden Tan. Done by Kaden Tan and Adel Ng.

You do not need a professional photographer with these elegant photo booth backdrop anymore! As the designs are customisable, simply request the items you would like to have on the backdrop and the size require to our friendly sales assistant.
Photobooth Balloon Backdrop

Elegant Balloon Backdrop design and done by our balloon artist, Zhong Yu.

Balloon Photobooth Backdrop

Carnival Balloon Backdrop design and done by our balloon artist, Chinbee Aw.

Create a memorable event with us today!

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Customised Balloon Decorations

Balloon Arch is a great entrance decoration’s item for all types of events in Singapore! But can it be… better?Sprial Balloon Arch at OCBC Areana

Here in That Balloons, we do full customisation of balloon arch designs you want! From colour combination to any balloon sculptures you wish to have, or simply tell us how you want to make your guest feel!Customised Beach Balloon ArchCustomised Balloon Arch for CTC Travel.

Beach Travel Theme – a simple idea yet getting straight to the point and attracts customers.Fish Balloon SculptureBalloon Fish Sculpture.

Other than customised balloon arch… our balloon artist, Zhong Yu, did 4 other customised balloon columns as well!

Balloon Lion Column Sculptures

Balloon Lion Column for decorations.

CTC Travel Balloon Decoration

More than just assisting corporate companies with balloon decorations, our balloon artists have also done balloon decorations for celebrities at their private party too!

Below is a cast from Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), Berlin Ng! Thank you for having us!
Huixuan NOC instagram Hui Xuan NOC Singapore

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Customised Balloon Name

We create memories.
Balloon Name Sculpture Photobooth

Make your big day special by having a customised hand-crafted balloon sculpture of your name as a photo backdrop or display at your event.

Our customised balloon name comes in various type of designs. Each of them evoke different emotions and tells a different story.

Customised Balloon Backdrop Display with customised balloon name done by our professional balloon artists.

Kaden Tan 21 Birthday Party

Memories are special moments that tell our story.

Create that moment at your event today.