Balloon Sculpting

Explore the world of balloon art created by the leading professional artists in Singapore. From private parties to large-scale events, our balloon artists aim to achieve the finest artwork in every decoration and sculpting services, by using good quality materials and the very best balloons made in the world.

Singapore Birthday Party PlannerPremium Balloon Sculpting Service
Want to see more unique and complicated balloon sculpture designs? Get our balloon artist to your event today! In ThatBalloons, we work with the best artists you can ever find in Singapore! 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

  • First Hour = $250/-
  • Subsequent Hour = $150/-

Advance Balloon Sculpting Service

Using 2 balloons or more for each sculpture – up to 30 sculptures per hour

  • First Hour = $150/-
  • Subsequent Hour = $100/-
  • 4 Hours and above = Rates are negotiable

For an additional $30/-, our Balloon Sculptor will be in his / her costume and rove around your party or event , entertaining the kids, up to 30 sculptures per hour )

* For birthday party – birthday child will receive a FREE special balloon sculpture from us!
*All the artworks you see below are done by our artists*

Having a tight budget for your party or event ? Contact our friendly sales manager to see what are the services that we’re able to provide at your budget !

For more pictures of our balloons sculptures, via

Our Balloon Artists and Partners

  • Zhong Yu
  • Chinbee Aw
  • Kaden Tan
  • Jasmin Chua
  • Ace Tan
  • Rudy Tan
  • Jocelyn Ng
  • Jazz Ang
  • Lily Tan
  • William Ang
  • Irene
  • Lin Yong
  • Wan Qi
  • Ouji
  • Norman Tan
  • Sherman

Balloon Sculpting (also known as balloon twisting) has always been one of the best entertainment in all parties and events in Singapore. For years, children love balloons and they feel special upon receiving a balloon sculpture that they requested directly from the balloon artist.

Today, many companies and organisation are still hiring balloon twisting artist for their events as it has never fail to attract crowds. ThatBalloons provides balloon sculpting services by different range of professional and experienced balloon sculptor that suits your budget and event in Singapore.

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  1. We need a 2-hours ballon sculpting event for a birthday party. Please recommend via email ( or call 98167332.

  2. Looking to know if you have any recommendations (for a company event with 200 employees), how would you spruce up an event place for this theme “Living Your Childhood Dream”? Please contact me at 81185667 to discuss further. Thanks.

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