Advertising Balloons

Giant Inflatable advertising balloons 

Our new customised giant advertising inflatable balloons are now available in Singapore!

Print your company logo or event name on our giant advertising balloon to create great awareness today! Unlike giant banners that usually get unnoticed, the lights shinning out from our giant balloon first catches the attention from everyone before seeing the advertisement of your event.

There are many ways you can utilise our giant inflatable advertising balloons. Think really big, and reach out to more target audience with our 3m giant advertising floating helium balloon, and let them find you in a trade fair event! Or Light up your event and use it as a decorative signage to show your guest the way to your event. The possibilities are endless!

We offer 2 types of giant inflatable advertising balloons… Lighted Tripod Balloon and Giant Helium Balloon. Below are the rates:

Products 1st Day Rental Subsequent Day Rental Custom Printing (additional)
1.2m Lighted Tripod Balloon $600/1st piece, $400/subsequent piece $100/piece $200/piece
1.5m Lighted Tripod Balloon $800/1st piece, $600/subsequent piece $200/piece $300/piece
2m Giant Helium Balloon $1200/1st piece, $1000/subsequent piece $300/piece $400/piece
3m Giant Helium Balloon $1600/1st piece, $1200/subsequent piece $400/piece $400/piece
Please note the following:
  • Price comes with complimentary custom Letters’ Vinyl Stickers on balloon. (no limits of number of letters, maximum A4 size per letter)
  • Price is inclusive of delivery, set up, dismantle and collection of equipment.
  • Please provide 1x powerpoint per balloon light stand.
  • Printing requires 3 weeks in advance after confirmation.
  • Please note that we will collect back every equipment provided by us after the event. (including the custom printed balloon).
  • Our Giant helium balloons can only be placed indoor.
  • Price can be negotiated for a rental of 4 balloons and above, or 7 days and above rental.

We use the best quality materials for our advertising inflatable balloons, which are strong able to withstand most weather condition in Singapore. To book, simply send us the following details:

Special Request:

I would like to check your availability for the above. Thank you.

Email or Text/Whatsapp Chinbee @ 8157 7331.

Advertising Balloon Foil Letters

By having a professional balloon decoration at your event definitely can wow your guest. But when balloon foil letters are added, it creates so much meaning to the decorative item itself. Below are some examples of how the balloon foil letters can make a difference to the  balloon decoration.

Simply let our sales manager know you want to have balloon foil letters to the balloon decorations that you have enquire, and we will guide you from there! To explore other balloon decoration we have done for our clients, click here.

Custom Printed Latex Balloon

Order good quality and low cost balloons printing service for your promotional event with us today! Planning to give away your customised printed balloons to the public? Or decorate your venue with your printed helium balloons? We are here to help! For more information about our custom printed latex balloons, click here.

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