Kids Birthday Party Planner

A perfect birthday party.

As the year end is approaching, THAT Balloons would like to introduce our special Magical Birthday Party Package customised for you! Our experienced kids birthday party planners have work out what we think is best to have in every children’s party.

Magic Show

Magical Birthday Party Package (Special)

  • 30min Magic Show
  • 90min Professional Balloon Sculpting
  • Balloon 16″ Foil Letters Name (up to 10 letters, additional letters at $3/pc)
  • 25 packs of assorted sweets & chocolates (additional pack at $3/pack)
  • Confetti Popper
  • Music (playing from portable speaker)
  • Cake hosting by magician

= $500/- (up to: $610)
(2 hours of entertainment)
*subject to availability*

Our party planner team have done hundreds of birthday parties in the past few years. See below for more pictures of our kids birthday parties.

Additional 50 pieces of helium balloons (include streamers and delivery) – $100/- (up to: $126/-)
Additional 1x Christmas tree – $100/- (up to: $180/-)

Balloon Christmas Tree Singapore

This is what we have in mind that makes a party perfect.

Don’t miss it.


Balloon Birthday Party Package

Smiles never go out of style, send some balloons.Balloon Sculptures Event SingaporeWith many years of hands-on experiences, each and every of our balloon artist strives to provide the best and satisfactory performance to our clients as well as the children.

Our balloon artist takes pride and pre-caution of the safety of the children and their balloon art. Therefore, we only use safe, durable and good quality balloons!

Balloons are more than just balloon themselves, it is how much of joy and laughter it can actually bring. Discover more by clicking here!

Feel free to contact our in-house ambassador, Chinbee Aw, about how we can create a memorable birthday party for you or your kids.


Balloon Backdrop Decorations

Every artwork done by our balloon artist is a precise art.

There is nothing more impressive than having great balloon sculptures displayed outside your event venue to complete your whole outlook of your event.

Balloon Backdrop deco Singapore

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by our balloon artist, Chin Bee.

Balloon Carriage Sculpture

Carriage Balloon Arch done by our balloon artist, Chin Bee.
Girls Birthday Party Decoration

 Birthday Backdrop Decorations done by our balloon artist, Zhong Yu.
Rainbow Balloon Column Pillar

Balloon Rainbow Columns designed and done by our balloon artist, Chin Bee Aw.
Balloon Decor Singapore

Thank you for the impressive balloon backdrops and sculptures! – Ambrose (Client of That Balloons)

Our balloon artists have done balloon backdrop decorations for various events and occasions in Singapore. Get inspired by our artist’s balloon art below.

Discover what other balloon backdrop decorations we have done here.
Contact us now for any enquiries and we will be most happy to help and cater to your event needs.


Wedding Balloon Decorations in Singapore

Make your dreams come true.
Wedding Rainbow Balloon Arch

Our balloon artist have done balloon decorations for many wedding events over the past few years. Depending on our client’s needs, we below are some of the balloon decoration’s item that we have done recently for wedding events in Singapore!

Wedding Balloon Couple Sculpture

Wedding Balloon Couple.

Designed and done by our balloon artist, Zhong Yu.

Balloon Wedding Couple Sculpture Singapore

Wedding balloon couple on columns.

Designed and done by our balloon artist, Zhong Yu.

Rainbow Arch Balloon Deco

Rainbow Arch with wedding couple.

Designed and done by our balloon artist, Zhong Yu.

Rainbow Wedding Balloon Decoration

Rainbow Arch with wedding couple balloon sculpture.

Designed and done by our balloon artist, Kaden Tan.

Discover what other balloon decorations we have done here.
Contact us to find out how we can customised balloons to your event needs.

Make your wedding perfect.


Customised Balloon Sculpture Display

More than just balloons…Prawning Farm opening Balloons

Last month, we received an order from Japan last month that needed to deliver a customised balloon sculpture at a new prawn farm in Singapore.

Life Size Balloon Boy Sculpture

Balloon Boy and balloon boy sculpture done by our professional balloon artist, Ouji.

That Balloons is honoured to receive every client’s customized balloon orders, sending precious thoughts to their loved ones.

Balloon Boy and Prawn Sculpture


Balloon Decorations for Children Day

That Balloons is proud to be working with New Creation Church again for their children day event celebration! This year, we have done a few of our popular safari balloon designs and a few unique balloon animal designs that aims to inspire every children’s imagination through our balloon creations.New Creation Church Children DayBalloon Animal Arch done by our balloon artist, Zhong Yu and Woon Yuan.
Design inspired by Lily Tan.

Balloon giraffe, balloon monkeys, balloon sheep and balloon trees. Located at both Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Convention Centre and The Star Vista.

Balloon Safari Arch

Balloon Animal Arch done by our balloon artist, Jasmin Chua.
Design inspired by Lily Tan.

When it comes to balloons, it has never fail to excites both children and adults at any carnival or events in Singapore. Below are some of our balloon artist’s work display at MBS Convention Centre.

Balloon Animal ColumnsBalloon Animal Arch by our balloon artist, Kaden Tan.
Done by Kaden Tan, William Ang, Chinbee Aw and Bella Chua.

Balloon Animals ColumnsBalloon Animal Columns designed by our balloon artist, Kaden Tan.
Done by Kaden Tan, William Ang, Chinbee Aw and Bella Chua.

Discover the art of balloon decorations at our balloon gallery here.


Balloon Decorations for Birthday Party

Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon – Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the pooh balloon sculpture

Balloon decorations for birthday party has been one of the most popular request over the past few years. Much more than just entertaining the children with balloons, it surprise your guest by having a customised balloon display at your event as well.

Balloon Underwater Backdrop

Balloon Underwater backdrop display design and done by Jazz Ang.

Balloon Rainbow Columns

Balloon Rainbow Columns designed and done by Chinbee Aw.

Balloon Chicken and Cow Animal

Balloon Animal Columns done by Zhong Yu.

Every children love to have something special at their birthday party! Get inspired by our balloon decorations done by professional balloon artist in Singapore.

Discover our balloon decoration’s gallery here.
Explore our balloon party packages here.

Feel free to contact our sales assistant, Chinbee Aw, about how we can create a memorable birthday party for you.


Singapore Carnival Event Company

We are proud to work with Carnival World Singapore, an event management company that offers various event equipment rental, entertainers, talents and event management services.

Carnival Event Company Singapore

Their experienced event management team have been in the event industry for more than 9 years! Started of with providing inflatable bouncy castle rental and event food and game stalls rental, they have been improving their equipments and surprise their client with new items every year!

Sports Inflatable Bounce Castle

This year, Carnival World has new inflatable bouncer designs that are of high quality and attractive looking colours! Nothing stops the children from getting on it and bounce all day long!

Bouncing Inflatable Singapore

Carnival World has many unique and attractive looking inflatables bouncy castle for rent in Singapore! Explore their bouncy castle collection here.

Dinosaur Inflatable Bouncy Castle

More than just bouncy castle, Carnival World provides various professional event equipments and event stalls such as hotdog machine, popcorn machine, candy floss machine, dunking machine, carnival games, talents and entertainers at an affordable rates. To add,  Carnival World have event rental packages and customised event packages that works within your event budget.

Click here to discover Carnival World professional event services.


Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations

As the year-end is approaching, our balloon artists are preparing for all the upcoming events that are happening in Singapore! From birthday parties to large scale events, we are ready to present our best artwork to you!

Customised Balloon Arch

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Lily Tan.

What makes our balloon artist’s balloon decorations different are the distinctive details added to an everyday classic. Our remarkable balloon decoration’s concept are different in many ways. Our balloon artists improve their techniques and equipment used for events over the years so as to be of international standard in balloon art.

Customised Balloon Backdrop Display

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Kaden Tan.

Through working with many international award winning balloon artists, our clients have trusted us with our balloon decoration’s designs as we ensure the artwork to be unique and memorable at every events!

Stage Balloon Decorations

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Jazz Ang.

Discover some of the balloon decorations we have done for the past few years here.

Grand Balloon Backdrop

Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations by Kaden Tan.

Impress your guest for your upcoming events with That Balloons now!