Balloon Decoration Display in Singapore

Finish the touch with our premium balloon decoration display in Singapore! Have an upcoming event and got it all planned out but still feel like something is missing? Got all the programme flow and everything set but have no idea how to make it better?

Well here’s something for you! To finish the touches of your event, you can choose to add on some balloon decorations display that will instantly bloom up your event space and allow it to create that atmosphere that it was meant for.

Balloon Number Decorations

From balloon arches to columns that furnish your event venue, making it all grand and astonishing for your guests to walk past and walk under, it is a centrepiece of nearly all formal events such as gala dinner, prom nights or graduation ceremony. Or a huge giant real-life balloon sculpture that allows your event to stand out and imitate the actual figure. Or balloon name and numbers that you can now have at your birthday party or anniversaries wherever you wish to have!

Balloon name and number decoration Singapore

Balloon Number Display Deocration Delivery Singapore

Balloon Palm Tree Decorations

Here we have done balloon palm tree decorations for a meeting room at Hermes Singapore, private birthday party and a theatre show! Our balloon artist also did an amazing job designing a balloon photo frame decoration as well!


Balloon Palm Tree Decorations Hermes Balloon Sculpting Decorations

Christmas Theme Balloon Decoration

Here another satisfied return clients that hired us again for their Christmas party celebration! Our client surprise their family and friends with these cute balloon snowman sculpture and balloon christmas tree decor!

Venue Balloon Decorations

Looking to add some simple balloon element to hype up the atmosphere at your venue? Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out how we can decorate your space today! Here’s one we did at one of the F45 outlet!

Balloon decorations

At a low and affordable price that you can bring these beautifully made balloon decorations to your event, I assure you that it will definitely be worth every cent of your money!

We understand that many of our clients aren’t able to host a big party for their loved ones in Singapore due to the current Convid-19 restriction, we are now offering our new party balloon decorations packages for smaller parties in Singapore! From just $198, hire our experienced balloon artist to decorate your venue today!

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Balloon Decorations for School Event in Singapore

Looking for balloon decorations for school event in Singapore?

Whether it is for a Chinese new year celebration, National Day event, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day or even your school’s Sports Day, graduation ceremony and Prize Giving ceremony we have balloon decorations customised and specially made for you!

Prize Giving Day School Decoration

A good balloon decoration sets the atmosphere and creates the theme of an event. Imagine with me, as you walk into your school and see a huge Cai Shen Ye mascot, you will immediately relate it to Chinese New Year and feel the mood of Chinese New Year coming.

Not only can you decorate your school halls with our customized balloons but you can also decorate your classrooms and transform it from a plain classroom to one that is fun, exciting and vibrant.

Graduation Day Balloon Decoration

From balloon columns to balloon arch to balloon name and number, balloon sculptures and many more, there will definitely be one that suits your event and one that you will definitely want and like!

Here are some examples that we have done in the past year :


Balloon Wall Backdrop Decoration for Graduation Photo Taking Session.

customised balloon backdrop

Balloon Arch Decoration to welcome the students!

Balloon Arch Singapore Decorations Balloon Arch Singapore

Golden Star Balloon Column Decoration

Balloon Columns

We offer a wide range of balloon decorations in Singapore! Our in-house balloon artists can customised almost anything with balloons! From balloon sculptures, colours of the balloons and sizes, you can be assured to find the balloon decoration you need for your upcoming event!

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Event Venue Balloon Decorations in Singapore

Have you always scrolled through your social media platforms and always seen those really pretty and astonishing event venue balloon decorations in Singapore for birthdays or celebrations and are always green with envy?

Well, you can now have it too!

With That Balloons we fulfill all your ideal dreams that you have, transforming your event venue into the one that looks exactly like your dreams. Whether it is for a birthday, family gathering, anniversaries, wedding, or even corporate events held in public or office spaces. We got that all covered! Here’s a wedding event venue balloon decorations we have done for a wedding event with Chrome Gold and white balloons!

Balloon garlands for event Event Space Balloon decorations scaled

Customised inflatable balloon

Our organic balloon decorations cater from your favourite primary to secondary colours to pastel colours to any of your preferred colour. There will definitely be the one that you’d like!

Balloon Artist for hire Singapore Organic Balloon Frame Singapore

Should you have any ideas that you would like, feel free to voice them out to us and we will try our best to make that dream come true! One example would be this cloud inspired helium balloon that we have made recently for an event!

Helium balloons decoration Helium balloon styling

Alternatively, should you wish to add on to a “Happy Birthday” or ” Will you marry me” gold foil balloon such that it will be able to suit your event theme, we can do that for you too!

Hotel Room Balloon Decorations Singapore
Balloon styling

You name it and we have it!

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3 easy steps to enquire our balloon decoration service:

  1. Save and send us the balloon photos you love!
  2. Let us know your preferred colours
  3. Let us know if there is anything you like to add to the decorations

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Organic Balloon Garland Decorations in Singapore

Looking to hire the best organic balloon garland decorations in Singapore? With more than 10 years in the balloon industry, our balloon artists have done over 1000 balloon decorations till date! Whether you are organising a kids birthday party or a corporate event, we can customised all types of organic balloon garland decorations that fits the theme of your event!

Below are some of the recent organic balloon decorations we have done:

Organic Balloon Garland Decorations

Here’s a customised organic balloon decorations done for a birthday party! Using pastel balloon colours and fairy lights, you an be assured to surprise your kids with this lovely balloon decor set up!

Balloon Decorations for Birthday Party Singapore

Here’s an organic balloon decorations done for Medtronic! By using their corporate colours yet not having the balloon colours blend with the colour of the wall, we use different shades of blue and “double stuff” to create a glowing royal dark blue colour! Look closely and you would know which glowing blue balloon I’m referring to.

Organic Balloon Decor

Discover the full list of organic balloon garland decorations done by our in-house balloon artist!

Our balloon garland decor starts from just $150 onwards depending on the design and venue! To hire our balloon services, simply contact our friendly sales assistant to enquire!

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Superhero Party Balloon Decorations in Singapore

As we start off 2021, a new year, a new beginning. I’m pretty sure many things have happened in the past year. Whether the good such as celebrative events, occasions, or celebrations or the bad such as the pandemic that happened all across the world. We are moving forward to a new year!

Every year, some common occasions that we celebrate are Chinese new year, birthdays, valentine’s day, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas and many more!

What are celebrations without pretty decorations that set the mood for the festive season right? That Balloon caters balloon decorations for all celebrations from your birthdays to any other event that you are having!

Having a themed party? Not a problem! We can cater to any themed parties you are having whether it is superhero themed, princess themed, Chinese new year themed or any other themed that you would like to have, we will fulfil your dream party!

Here are some photos from our latest superhero party balloon decorations in Singapore:

Superhero themed party decorationSuperhero Balloon decorationsSuperhero Balloon Decoations

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