Balloons for The Joy Truck

That Balloons is proud to be part of a Mediacorp program “The Joy Truck” on Channel 8!

Joy Truck Rainbow Balloon ArchIn this program, we did some balloon decorations together with three Mediacorp’s celebrities, Pornsak, Rui En and Chen Li Ping to surprise the birthday child! Below are some pictures of the filming of our balloon artist with the local celebrities.

Giant Polka Dot Balloons Delivery!
Polka Dot Helium Balloons

Specially made a Balloon Princess for the birthday Girl!Balloons Princess Joy Truck

Our Balloon Artist with Mediacorp’s Artist/Actor.

A very special surprise and memorable event for the birthday girl!
Singapore Balloon ArtistWe will update you when The Joy Truck episode is out! You can find out how our balloon artist Kaden Tan, Chinbee Aw and Javis Ang did the arch together with the mediacorp’s celebrity, Pornsak!

A truly meaningful event and great experience filming of our balloons can bring joy to the children! Feel free to explore around our website to find out more about how we can make your party or event a memorable one too!

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Singapore Wedding Balloon Decorations

This is not just a piece of decoration’s item.

This is a celebration where wonderful stories and memories are shared and created. Discover the art of balloon sculptures designed by Singapore renowned balloon artist, for people who appreciate balloons, as much as how we appreciate art.Wedding Balloon Decorations

Balloon Wedding Couple Sculpture Display designed by Lily Tan and Jazz Ang.

Our true masterpiece, a symbol of our work, comes from the continuous innovative work designed and produced by our balloon artists for royalty, actors and artists throughout the years.
Concert Stage DecorationsStage Balloon Decoration designed and done by Kaden Tan. Suitable for concert, DnD, Wedding and other grand events.

Singapore Wedding Balloon Decorations Stage Decortions for WeddingART OF TWISTING AIR

A celebration of a special day and people who love arts, That Balloons can create a magical atmosphere at your event. From special balloon effects to large scale decorations, we are looking forward to design a larger custom stage backdrop for your event.
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Singapore Balloon Twisting Service


Just like true artist, we want to make a different in every children’s birthday party with our passion. While we enjoy every moment surprising both children and adults with the balloon sculptures we created, your guest will enjoy watching our artist twist the balloons as well!

Singapore birthday partyDesigned and done by Chinbee Aw.

Balloon Octopus SingaporeBalloon Octopus bracelet designed and done by Kaden Tan.

More than just a balloon twisting service, our balloon artist ensure your guests love what they get. Our testimonial lies in the faces of these children below who got their balloons, while their happiness lies in these wonderful moment that stays in their memories. We love what we do.

For more pictures and info about our balloon twisting services, click here.

Contact our friendly sales manager Chinbee and we can arrange a balloon artist for your birthday party or event in Singapore! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Thank you!

Singapore Balloon Decorations Service

The right time for balloons is a time of celebration, the giving of gifts. If you love balloons, you will love what our balloon artist can sculpt for you.  Below is a balloon arch for national day at Marina Bay Sands Singapore for the guest of New Creation Church!

Singapore Balloon Arch

Designed by Kaden Tan. Done by Balloon Artist Kaden Tan, Norman Tan, Chinbee Aw and Pang Kai Xin.

We provide customisable balloon decorations service according to what our client wants, creating a new and unique designs even for our repeated clients. Below is a stage backdrop for an event in Roland Restaurant, with the theme “The Good Old Days”. The backdrop includes a balloon palm tree sculptures and balloon bicycle sculpture! Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations

Design by Kaden Tan. Done by Balloon Artist Kaden Tan and Jasmin Chua.

Simplicity at its best, our balloon artists are able create a professional looking balloon decoration’s items such as spiral balloon columns and spiral balloon arch for any events in Singapore. These balloon decoration’s designs are great for many events, especially for corporate companies or organisation.

To view our balloon decorations gallery, click here.

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