Singapore Balloon Artist

Are you looking for Singapore balloon artist for your upcoming event?

Here in That Balloons, we work with professional and experienced balloon artist in Singapore. Unlike many, our balloon artist creates art, a masterpiece of their own.


Throughout the years, our balloon artists have done events for birthday party, roadshows, product launch, Dinner & Dance, Car showroom, shopping malls and many more! Be inspired by the very best Singapore balloon Artists today!

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Feel the difference.


Balloon Animals Decoration

Here in That Balloons, our balloon artists have done more than 100 balloon decorations for parties and events in Singapore. One of our most popular request is having balloon animals in the decoration required. Below are 2 recent events that we have done.


Balloon Name Backdrop with Rabbit Balloon Sculpture


Balloon Monkey on Palm Tree


Below are a few of our balloon animals decoration we have done for our past client.

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Helium Balloon Decorations

Whether you are planning a party or carnival event, helium balloon decorations never failed to create a happening atmosphere you want to have at every event. Here is some of the helium balloon decorations we have done recently for our clients.

Pink & White Helium Balloons for girl’s birthday party.


Blue & White Helium Balloons for boy’s birthday party.


Custom Animal Helium Balloons for kids birthday party.


Customised Helium Balloon Decorations for a Golf Tournament Dinner Event.


Colourful Helium Balloons for Poi Ching Primary School.


Pink & White Helium Balloons for wedding event.


Custom Printed Helium Balloons for a private function.


Tower Club @ Republic Plaza.

There are many ways you could decorate your venue with helium balloons. Engage our balloon artist or rent a helium tank with us for your upcoming event today!

The possibilities are endless.


Balloon Sculpting in Singapore

Balloon Sculpting in Singapore is now extremely popular for birthday party and events in Singapore. Kids still enjoy and love the feeling of receiving a customised balloon sculpture from the balloon artist.

Here in That Balloons, our professional balloon artists have never failed to impress guest at our client’s event. Our balloon artists are experienced and have provided our services for birthday parties, private functions and public events in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Brunei. Below are the recent work we have done.

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Interested to learn how to twist balloons? Our balloon artists have taught balloons sculpting in various schools, companies and hospitals. Depending on your event and number of participants, our customised balloon workshop do not just teach you how to twist the balloons, our artist will be sharing how you can create a masterpiece by putting the different balloon sculptures you’ve learnt to create a masterpiece together.


Balloon Workshop at Nanyang Junior College.

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Balloon Arch Decoration

Here in That Balloons, we are well known for providing customised creative balloon decoration’s services for our clients. Introducing one of our most popular balloon service, the balloon arch decoration.

Balloon arch decoration can be used for many purposes such as being an entrance arch welcoming your guest, a backdrop for guest to take photo with, a stage backdrop to fill up the empty space on stage or simply just a decorative item for display purpose only. Below are some example of what we did for our client last week:


Blue and Silver Spiral Balloon Arch for Bejeweled Nail Retail Shop. (Display Decoration)


Red, Blue and Yellow Spiral Balloon Arch for Petracarbon D&D event. (Stage Decoration)


Superhero Balloon Arch. (Booth Entrance Decoration)

balloon-superhero-arch-decorationSuperhero Balloon Arch for Mitsubishi Car Showroom. (Door Entrance)


Sunflowers & Stars Balloon Arch for New Creation Church. (Welcome Entrance)


Balloon Sunflowers.


Beach Theme Balloon Arch for Bidcorp corporate event. (Entrance to outdoor dining)


Balloon Underwater Arch for Serangoon Garden Country Club. (Stage Decoration)


Balloon Popcorn and Candy Arch for RQAM Family Day 2016. (Main door entrance)

To view our balloon decoration’s gallery, click here.

Leave your guest a memorable impression of your event with our balloon arch decoration today.


Customised Balloon Columns

As professional balloon artist, we provide customised balloon columns for our client. From choosing the colours to the overall design, our customisation service has no limit! Below are some of the customised balloon columns we did for our client the last few days:


Star Balloon Columns – Golden Yellow & Midnight Blue.


Rainbow Star Balloon Columns.


Grand Star Cloumns – Gold, Black, Silver.


Grand Star Columns at LTA.


Bejeweled Customised Balloon Nail Polish Balloon Column.



Nail Polish Balloon Sculpture.


Balloon Traffic Light Columns for a Birthday Party.

There are no limits on the balloon designs that our artist can create. With more than 10 Singapore professional balloon artist on our team, you can be assured that our balloons art are one of the best in Singapore, or even around the world.


Premium Wedding Balloon Decorations

Last week, we are glad to be invited to Cambodia’s city, phnom penh, to create a premium wedding balloon decorations at a wedding magazine launch event in a hotel ballroom.

Wedding Decorations Idea Magazine

That Balloons is also proud to be featured on a wedding magazine in Cambodia!

Wedding Magazine Balloon Decorations

Our premium wedding balloon decorations services includes items such as balloon couples, customised balloon arch, heart shape balloon arch, helium balloons table centrepiece etc.

Balloon Flower Decorations Singapore

Balloon Flowers.

Big Balloon Roses Singapore

Big Balloon Roses.

Wedding Couple Balloon Sculpture Singapore

Wedding Balloon Couple.

Wedding Balloon Arch DecorationsWith LED lights installed, our wedding balloon decorations definitely attracts everyone at the event and leave them with an unforgettable memory.

As an artist, we aim to create emotions… not just by looking at the beauty of our work, but to feel and experience our art.


Birthday Party Planner

As a leading balloon company in Singapore, our balloon artist and management team have done hundreds of birthday party over the past few years. Professional services include Balloon Sculpting, Balloon Decorations, Kids Magic Show, Face Painting, Glitter Tattoo, Sand Art activity and many more!

Balloon Dog at Birthday Party

Unlike many, we work with only professionals with years of experience. Therefore, do be assured of the quality of our services at your birthday party. You may view the gallery below of some recent work our artists have done at birthday party.

You may also view our birthday party packages here!

Our birthday party package starts from 280 only! (including weekends & public holidays). Book our professional artist in advance to avoid disappointment.

Create a unforgettable birthday party for your child today.


Singapore Professional Balloon Artist

Balloon Sculpting has never failed to put a smile on every children’s faces. Last month, our balloon artists have been sculpting balloons a few venues in Singapore!

Balloon Sculptor for Hire Singapore

With more than 10 years of experience, our balloon artist’s work are guaranteed to impress your guest. We aims to make everyone in the room to feel special when receiving a customised balloon sculpture from our balloon artist.

Balloon Aeroplane Sculpture

Balloon Aeroplane Sculpture.

Balloon Baby SculptureBalloon Baby Girl Sculpture.

Balloon Monkey Sculpture

Balloon monkey sculpture.

Balloon Helicopter Sculpture

Balloon helicopter sculpture.

Balloon Flower Bouquet Sculpture Singapore

Balloon flower bouquet sculpture.

Balloon Car Sculpture

Balloon car sculpture.

Balloon Pink Rabbit Sculpture

Balloon rabbit sculpture.

Balloon Sword and Rabbit Sculptures

Balloon Sword and Rabbit holding carrot Sculpture.

To view our balloon sculpture’s gallery, click here.

Other than just balloon sculpting, we also work with professional kids magician and provide our services as a package for birthday party as well!

Kids Magician for hire

Uncle Jimbo Magic Show!

Kids Magician for birthday party

Engaging the children with his puppet animal.

Other than magician, we work with many other professional talents such as face painting artist and glitter tattoo artist!

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Put a smile on everyone face at your party with That Balloons today!