Singapore Balloon Decorations Service

The right time for balloons is a time of celebration, the giving of gifts. If you love balloons, you will love what our balloon artist can sculpt for you.  Below is a balloon arch for national day at Marina Bay Sands Singapore for the guest of New Creation Church!

Singapore Balloon Arch

Designed by Kaden Tan. Done by Balloon Artist Kaden Tan, Norman Tan, Chinbee Aw and Pang Kai Xin.

We provide customisable balloon decorations service according to what our client wants, creating a new and unique designs even for our repeated clients. Below is a stage backdrop for an event in Roland Restaurant, with the theme “The Good Old Days”. The backdrop includes a balloon palm tree sculptures and balloon bicycle sculpture! Stage Balloon Backdrop Decorations

Design by Kaden Tan. Done by Balloon Artist Kaden Tan and Jasmin Chua.

Simplicity at its best, our balloon artists are able create a professional looking balloon decoration’s items such as spiral balloon columns and spiral balloon arch for any events in Singapore. These balloon decoration’s designs are great for many events, especially for corporate companies or organisation.

To view our balloon decorations gallery, click here.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries. We look forward to fill up your event with balloons! Thank you!

Singapore Balloon Workshop

If you are interested in the art of sculpting balloons and want to learn how to twist beautiful balloon sculptures, learn from the best balloon artist in Singapore today! From basic to advance balloon sculptures, our balloon workshop is suitable for anyone who got the passion to learn and appreciate the art.

Last month, our professional balloon artist Lily Tan, Kaden Tan and Tricky Patrick have contacted balloon workshop at 9 different neighbourhood shopping malls in Singapore! This event is organised by HDB Singapore to promote and educate various arts forms to the public.

Our Mass Balloon Workshop is suitable for Schools and Shopping Malls where participants are having fun while learning something new as a whole. While our Balloon Sculpting Workshop is suitable for schools, Staff Retreat activities and private lessons that promotes teamwork by having different groups of participants to sculpt various balloon sculptures, which will later be put together that becomes a large balloon display!

You can find out more about our balloon workshop here.

Feel free to call or email or friendly sales manager, Chinbee Aw, for any enquiries. Thank you!

Custom Balloon Decorations

Perfection is possible.

Every small details of our balloon sculptures are fine tune by our balloon artist, which is what makes balloon becomes an art.
Big Balloon FlowerInspired from the Archive of our balloon decorations that our balloon artist have done for our past client, discover how our balloon art improve as years goes by.Life Size Balloon Giraffe

Balloon Giraffe Sculpture Display.

That Balloons provide our client custom balloon decoration services. From choosing the colours of the balloons to incorporating balloon sculptures to suit the theme of your event, the possibility of our customisation services are endless!

Discover our balloon decoration’s collections here.

CTC Balloon Arch

Entrance Balloon Arch for CTC Travel in Singapore.CTC Travel Balloon Arch

That Balloons would also like to wish Singapore a Happy National Day! Our balloon artist, magician and event coordinators are at different events entertaining our client’s guest today! We would appreciate if you can say HI to us on this very special day!

Please contact our friendly sales manager, Chinbee Aw, for any enquiries. We look forward to make your event a memorable one. Thank you!

Balloons and Magic Show for Events

OKTO, is a television channel in Singapore, managed by MediaCorp that caters to the general youths and young adults of Singapore. Last month, That Balloons is proud to be invited to OKTO Asia’s event, OKTO School Holiday Party!

OKTO Children Party Singapore

Our Premium Balloon Sculpting Service was one of the highlights at the event! Just like receiving a customised gift, all the children love the balloon sculptures that our balloon artist have done!

Other than balloon sculpting, we also provide sprial balloon pillars to serve as the backdrop of the event.
Sprial Balloon Pillars Our Magician, Kaden Tan entertaining the kids at his amazing magic show!Singapore Magician Kaden Tan

We believe all the kids enjoyed the event at OKTO School Holiday Party and we look forward to see you again! If you want to find out more about our event management service, click here.

In That Balloons, we also worked with various professional Singapore magicians! From professional kids magic show to professional corporate magic show, our friendly sales assistant will arrange a magician that best suits your event!

Kids Magician Singapore Tricky Patrick

Tricky Patrick Magic Show!

Children Magician Singapore Mr RabbitChildren Birthday Party by Mr Rabbit Magic Show!

Balloon Workshop by Lily TanLast Month, we have also done a series of balloon sculpting workshop conducted by our balloon artist, Kaden Tan, Lily Tan and Tricky Patrick for HDB “Learn with Us” event at nine different venues! We taught different balloon sculptures at all nine different venues of the event. Video of our balloon sculpting workshop will be ready in our next post!

Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries of our services. We look forward to make your event a memorable one! Thank you!